Eaten in a Waffle House Lately?

We don’t see a lot of Waffle Houses in our part of the country – thank Heaven.  But get south of Massachusetts, and they proliferate.

Driving down to Florida in early February, Kathy and I were looking for a breakfast place.  We had scooted out of our motel to beat the early Washington DC traffic and hadn’t take the time to look up a breakfast place on our computer before we left.  So we arbitrarily got off at a busy off-ramp and looked for a place to eat.

Nothing, nada … except for a Waffle House.

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In Which Jim Agrees with the Globe

It is indeed rare when I agree with the Boston Globe, but we aren’t always at odds.  On February 24 the Globe penned an editorial about the ACA and what Congress and the President should allow.

For a change, I think they got it right.

They offered four recommendations, summarized and commented on here:

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Across State Lines … the Chimera of Cheaper Health Insurance

An opinion column in the State Times, the newspaper for Arizona State University, declares that “it’s not fair” for people to be restricted to buying health insurance only issued by carrier in the state where they reside.

If, they postulate, we only had a system wherein people from all over the country could buy from whatever carriers they want, we could intelligently shop for the most affordable high-quality coverage.  They make the illogical comparison that, heck, you can buy Waylon Jennings CDs across state lines, why not health insurance?

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2015 Newsletter Back Issues

January 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 1

February 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 2

March 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 3

May/June 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 5

July 2015 – Volume 9 – Issue 6

One Reason for Medical Inflation?

I ran across a story by a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel [1] about drugs.  It’s very instructive.

Here’s the bottom line:  We all “know” that there’s a diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, problem in the US, right?  At least, that’s what we’re told regularly.

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Be a Smarter Patient

Like with GEICO, “everybody knows that” it’s not entirely up to your doctor to cure your ills.  You’re a player, too.  So you have an obligation to participate in how your doctor treats you.

Unfortunately, that attitude (i.e., “we’re in this together, Doc.”) isn’t shared by nearly enough people.  There are two reasons for this:

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Non-Compete Agreements and Keeping Them Valid

You all know that we at BBI provide our clients with complimentary access to ThinkHR.  ThinkHR is a terrific resource that allows you to ask specific questions about YOUR firm, YOUR practices, and YOUR problems.  You ask a credentialed HR expert – there’s no limit on the number of questions or the topics they can cover (see this month’s ThinkHR Contest insert), and it’s a great way for you to dot your HR I’s and cross your HR t’s.

ThinkHR puts out various articles on a regular basis, too.  Plus CE-credit webinars.  It’s all part of the BBI client experience.

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Get Your Flu Shot Yet? Should You Bother?

It’s that time of year again: Flu Shot Season.  Everywhere you turn you’re advised to get a flu shot.

For years I resisted flu shots.  Not because I’m afraid of needles (I don’t like getting stuck, but it doesn’t really bother me) but because I’d always forget.  Like any less-than-pleasant task (putting the storm doors on the house, getting my car washed, etc) it was easy to put off.

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Smart Business Owners WORK at Lowering Health Costs

I am a big fan of a local (MA) website, TheMedicalGuide.

Its primary theme is that smart consumers consume far less medicine.  In fact, some studies seem to dramatically underline their point.

  • In one review of benign prostate disease, 40 percent fewer patients chose to have surgery when they learned that the relief it could bring to their urinary symptoms would likely be offset by sexual dysfunction.
  • In another study, this one on back pain, patients with herniated discs who gained a better understanding of the evidence were more than 30 percent less likely to opt for surgical intervention.

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Ten Ways to Design Better Wellness Incentive Programs, Annotated

Wellness is all the rage, so I follow whatever I find about it in order to let us be sure the advice we give you is top notch.  Recently, at the website for Employee Benefit Advisor (EBA – a benefit practitioner’s rag) there was an article with this title (minus the “Annotated” – that’s an Edholm addition.  EBA writes for brokers dealing with companies of all sizes, large and small.  Our little BBI universe consists of companies of up to about 300 employees … and your needs are different than MegaCorp, Inc.  So I thought I’d re-submit the article to you with my additions and thoughts.

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